The National Republican Redistricting Trust is the GOP’s hub for coordinating a national redistricting strategy.

What Is Redistricting


The United States Constitution mandates that state legislatures redraw districts every decade to adjust for population changes.


State legislative and congressional districts are redrawn every decade to adjust for population changes. Redistricting guarantees a more efficient distribution of Americans per district.

What We Do

The NRRT coordinates the GOP’s 50-state redistricting effort.

Why It Matters

The district lines drawn in 2021 and 2022 will be in place for ten years. The legislators and members of Congress elected from those districts will set the policies of our states and our nation for decades to come. How lines are drawn now will matter for the preservation of our shared conservative values for future generations.

Why We're Different

The NRRT focuses on the unique legal and data demands of redistricting and coordinates a nationwide redistricting strategy with the Republican Party’s national and state committees and conservative organizations around the country.