What’s behind the growth slump? Takeaways from census data

April 27, 2021

Nicholas Riccardi and Mike Schneider, Associated Press

“The U.S. population grew to 331 million, a 7.4% growth rate from the last time the Census Bureau counted every person in the country, in 2010. Those may sound like big numbers, but it’s actually the second slowest rate of population growth the census has ever recorded, just behind the 7.3% growth in the 1930s.”

“The news Monday was generally good for Republicans. They control the redistricting process in Florida, North Carolina and Texas, which account for four of the seven new seats.”

“’I think Republicans, when all this is done, will be in great shape to retake the House majority in 2022,’ said Adam Kincaid, executive director of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, which is coordinating the GOP redistricting push.”

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