Political Focus Shifts to Redistricting After Divvying of Seats

April 28, 2021

Greg Giroux, Bloomberg Government

“Republicans are in a stronger position than Democrats in determining the makeup of districts thanks to the party’s 2020 performance. Despite losing the White House and the Senate, the GOP unexpectedly almost won control of the House while also thwarting Democrats from picking up a single Republican-held state legislative chamber.”

“Republicans control the line-drawing process in states with a cumulative 187 districts compared with 75 districts for Democrats. In states with a total of 157 districts, redistricting responsibilities will either be shared by the two parties or handled by commissions. There’s no redistricting in the six states that will have one statewide at-large district. [Adam Kincaid] said, Republicans ‘will be in a great spot to take back the House majority in 2022.’”

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