Census surprise: Texas gains only 2 seats as shift to Sun Belt slows

April 26, 2021

Ally Mutnick, POLITICO

“Democrats have spent the last decade trying to climb out of the hole they found themselves in the last redistricting. After the 2010 midterm wave gave the GOP control of state governments, Republicans drew a new round of favorable maps in nearly all the key states. That catapulted them into the majority for eight years, until a massive political realignment spurred by Donald Trump’s election unlocked seats for Democrats that were once out of reach.”

“‘Republican control across the country has gone down from where it was in 2011,’ said Adam Kincaid, the executive director of the National Republican Redistricting Trust. ‘But you have to remember that in 2011 Republicans were at the highest point we’ve been in a century. And so now we’re at the second-highest point that we’ve been in a century.'”

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