Census Bureau announces 331 million people in US, Texas will add two congressional seats

April 26, 2021

Dan Merica and Liz Stark, CNN

“The results – which show that political power in the country is shifting from states in the Midwest and Northeast to those in the South and West – will have wide-ranging impacts on numerous aspects of American life, ranging from each state’s representation in Congress to the amount of money each state will get from the federal government. The numbers could shift the political makeup of Congress and set up what will likely be contentious redistricting battles in the coming months.”

“‘For people who did this stuff a decade ago, if they had known that Donald Trump was going to come along in 2016 and shift the American electorate, there’s at least a couple dozen seats around the country that would have been drawn differently than they were,’ said Adam Kincaid, the head of the National Republican Redistricting Trust. ‘And that is the challenge for the next few years is trying to forecast out how much this realignment is permanent versus temporary.’”

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