The Coming Battle for Redistricting

July 20, 2020

Julie Kelly, American Greatness

“One could argue that the biggest political prize in November isn’t who wins the White House but which party controls the legislatures when mandatory redistricting begins in several key states next year. In most circumstances, state houses and senates control the map with final approval coming from the governor. It’s a process fraught with backroom deals, favoritism, and revenge. What’s at stake now is the potential loss of Democratic congressional districts heading into the 2022 midterms and with it, the loss of critical electoral votes in the 2024 presidential race.”

“That’s why Democrats have charged one of their most relentless henchmen—former Attorney General Eric Holder—with the task of managing the party’s nationwide redistricting project. Holder, Barack Obama’s self-proclaimed “wingman,” is chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. With the backing of his onetime boss, Holder’s committee is targeting legislative races in ten states that will have a big impact on future elections.”

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