NRRT Issues Statement on Democrats’ Challenge to North Carolina Congressional Map

September 27, 2019

Scott Walker, Finance Chairman to the National Republican Redistricting Trust, issued the following statement on the Democrats’ challenge to the North Carolina congressional map in state court.

 “Barack Obama and Eric Holder say they want fair maps in North Carolina, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. What they want are maps that elect as many Democrats as possible.  Democrats have lost a series of closely decided races in North Carolina and want the courts to put a finger on the scale to let them win.

 “When Democrats don’t have the power to enact their extreme gerrymanders, like they did in North Carolina for a century, they sue until it’s blue. They have spent millions in North Carolina this decade in search of liberal activist judges who are eager to give Democrats a political advantage by tossing out maps that were constitutionally drawn.  That’s what is happening in North Carolina now. It’s pathetic and we will fight back and defend these maps that adhere to both the North Carolina and U.S. Constitutions.”