Scott Walker: Obama’s Redistricting U is a Sham

August 27, 2019

Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor and Chairman of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, issued the following statement in response to Barack Obama’s new organization, Redistricting U.

“Barack Obama’s Redistricting U is a sham – just like all his and Eric Holder’s other redistricting groups. The truth is, their only mission is to ‘favorably position Democrats for redistricting’ – they’re not fighting gerrymandering.  Barack Obama drew his own district when he was in the Illinois State Senate and used that district to propel him to the White House. He’s the only President in the past 40 years to gerrymander his way to the Presidency. America’s only modern gerrymanderer-in-chief is now trying to convince the American people that he’s against his own redistricting practices. As Joe Biden would say, ‘that’s a bunch of malarkey.’”