Governor Scott Walker Welcomes New Michigan Republican Party Lawsuit

July 30, 2019

Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor and National Republican Redistricting Trust Finance Chairman, issued the following statement on the Fair Lines America Foundation-backed lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan to protect the constitutional rights of Michiganders that have been violated by Proposition 2.

“Every American has the right to peaceably align themselves with a political party (or not), speak into the political process, and petition their government. Any reform, no matter how poorly conceived, must achieve its goals without infringing on the basic rights guaranteed to all of us by the Constitution. Michigan’s new redistricting commission falls short of that standard by punishing the people of Michigan for exercising those rights – or for being related to someone who has.

“No American should be barred from holding a government position because they, or someone they are related to, exercised their Constitutional rights. This lawsuit aims to restore the rights of all Michiganders to freely participate in the political process without the threat of government sanction.”