NRRT Issues Statement on Ohio Congressional Map Being Tossed By Court

May 3, 2019

The National Republican Redistricting Trust issued the following statement in reaction to the Ohio congressional map being tossed out by the court.

“Democrats have lost consistently and impressively in Ohio for a decade. In fact, they have lost with such regularity that persuading a three-judge panel to toss out a map on constitutionally dubious reasoning probably seems like a major victory for the Left. The truth is that Democrats have failed to run viable elections in Ohio for ten years. That has nothing to do with the maps and everything to do with how out of touch modern Democrats are with the people of Ohio.

“Liberal Democrats may have persuaded a liberal three-judge panel to side with their arguments, but the fact remains that their case relies on reasoning that has never been interpreted from the United States Constitution by the Supreme Court of the United States or the Congress. This opinion is nothing more than another liberal brief, filed by a federal court, before the Supreme Court rules in Rucho and Lamone.

“Democrats will keep suing until they get their way or the Supreme Court makes clear once and for all that these cases lack standing in federal court. We urge the Supreme Court to do just that.”