Gov. Scott Walker Named National Finance Chairman for the National Republican Redistricting Trust

March 21, 2019

Alexandria, VA – The National Republican Redistricting Trust (NRRT) announced today that former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will serve as the group’s National Finance Chairman. In this position, Governor Walker will help lead the effort to raise the resources needed as the NRRT prepares for the next round of redistricting in 2021.

The NRRT was formed in 2017 and serves as the central resource to coordinate and collaborate with Republicans on a 50-state redistricting effort, focusing on the party’s legal and data needs ahead of the 2020 redistricting process.

Adam Kincaid, Executive Director of the NRRT, said, “Governor Walker will be a tremendous asset to the NRRT as we prepare for the next round of redistricting. There is no legal strategy the Democrats won’t try in order to litigate their way into power.  To fight back we need Republicans like Governor Walker who believe in the future of our country and our party. When Democrats don’t win at the ballot box they are determined to sue until it’s blue.  Governor Walker’s support and work on behalf of the NRRT will help us fight back against the Democrats’ nationwide judicial power grab.”

Governor Walker said, “Republican reforms work.  We need to make sure Republican candidates have a chance to make that case to voters across the country. To do that, we need fair legislative districts. I am honored to help lead the NRRT as we fight for fair maps in the next round of redistricting. The far left is highly organized and well-funded.  Barack Obama and Eric Holder want to gerrymander Democrats into permanent control, so we are working to ensure that our side has the organization and resources to combat their efforts. Our reforms work, and if we have a fair chance to make our case, we win.”  

The purpose of the NRRT is to fight for fair, constitutional redistricting for all Americans. For more information about the NRRT, click here.