NRRT On Ohio Redistricting Lawsuit: Democrats’ Strategy is to Sue Until It’s Blue

March 4, 2019

Alexandria, VA – The National Republican Redistricting Trust issued the following statement from Senior Adviser Guy Harrison in reaction to the federal lawsuit going to trial this week over Ohio’s congressional maps.  

 “This lawsuit from the Left is nothing but an admission that Democrats’ only strategy in all of their political gerrymandering litigation this decade is to sue until it’s blue. Democrats liked the congressional map, and even voted for it, until Ohioans repeatedly rejected a decade of bad candidates advocating old, failed policies. The truth is that the Ohio congressional map is fair, legal, and passed with bipartisan support. Democrats aren’t suing because Ohio’s congressional map is unfair or partisan.  They’re suing because they keep losing elections in Ohio and they want the courts to give Democrats a right to win.”